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Beauty and Body Treatments

Beauty and Body Treatments

Jane Bills

C.I.D.E.S.C.O., B.A.B.T.E.C., C.I.E.L., I.A.,
Aromatherapy Associates, BTEC – Laser,
Light & Associated Aesthetic Therapies,
Semi-permanent make-up therapist, Premier Training

Christy McConnell

NVQ2 and NVQ3, Electrolysis,
Diploma theatrical & wedding make-up,
Laser Certificate, Semi-permanent make-up therapist

Tel: 01244 680214


Beauty and Body Treatments

Jane Bills has been practising beauty therapy, complementary treatments and pseudo medical aesthetic treatments for 20 years. She has a wealth of experience and has always sought the highest level of training to support her practice. Her laser treatment qualification is the UK’s highest and is usually available only to medical practitioners.

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Jane has another practitioner who has worked with her for many years – Christy McConnell. Together they form an experienced and caring team offering a comprehensive range of services and a sound knowledge of the many different treatments available today. In addition to offering pampering treatments, their aim is to achieve long lasting results for clients. They are able to advise on misleading claims of treatments and can help disillusioned and disappointed clients deal with poor results from other treatments.

Jane and Christy have always strived to lead the way with their treatments using the latest products and technology to give the best results for their clients. Chester Health and Beauty Studio’s reputation for success is widely acknowledged and the team regularly sees clients who have been referred by GPs and medical specialists. When required, detailed pre-treatment consultations ensure a full understanding of clients’ requirements and enable the therapists to give all clients realistic expectations of their treatment.

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Agera Rx peels are a major advance in non-invasive medical chemical peels for the treatment of ageing skin, acne and unwanted

pigmentation. The results are immediately visible without unsightly skin shedding, prolonged redness or irritation. Unlike with some other skin peels there is no “down time” with Agera Rx peels.

Agera Rx peels have the advantage over many other skin peels as they have ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin promoting collagen production. This collagen promotes a firmer, smoother and more radiant skin and can eliminate or diminish fine lines and wrinkles and reduce acne scarring. Also the peels are excellent for bringing acne rapidly under control and can reduce blocked pores and redness associated with acne.

Chester Health and Beauty Studio usually advises a microdermabrasion treatment (mechanical skin exfoliation) after a medical peel to enhance the results and reduce minor skin ‘shedding’ areas.

The Agera Rx products are developed by leading scientists and doctors and are amongst the most effective non-invasive skin treatments available.

Consultations are required prior to a skin peel and we can also advise on and supply home care Agera Rx products to support your skin peel treatment.

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