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Cheryl Swindells

FBDO SMC(Tech) CertEd

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Crafting Spectacular Visual Experiences...
An eye examination at SKEYE Opticians is a unique experience. As an independent, fully private practice, we are free to concentrate entirely on your needs.

Our highly trained staff are dedicated to ensuring our patients get the best care and attention. We focus on providing you with a high quality, professional and personal service. We take time to understand you as an individual and this enables us to recommend and source the best solution for all your visual needs. Whilst we provide all the services you’d expect, we also have Specialist clinics that might be just what you or someone you know could really benefit from.


A comprehensive private examination at SKEYE Opticians costs £42. This charge covers all necessary tests with our highly qualified optometrists. Regular eye examinations will reveal the presence of any uncorrected prescription, or visual abnormalities, and if appropriate or required, spectacles and/or contact lenses. We believe that 45 minutes is the right amount time to ensure you receive the high levels of care you deserve. We also carry out NHS eye examinations so all the family can benefit from a comprehensive eye examinations – just ask when you call.


Not only do we have a huge selection of frames, including the latest designer eye wear, our expert advice will ensure we find the perfect frame for you - and the perfect type of lens to get you seeing clearly. And that includes sunglasses.


We supply and fit all types of contact lens, so even if you’ve tried them before or think they are not for you we have the latest products available and the expertise to fit lenses to almost everyone, from age 9-90! Daily, two-weekly and monthly disposable.


Problems with sight are not usually a main cause of dyslexia, however some visual problems do occur more often in dyslexic people and these may contribute to the reading difficulty. This type of visual problem may be missed in a school eye check, so a full eye examination is always recommended. Our specialist Orthoptist will then carry out a full Visual Stress Assessment.


Dry eye is where glands produce insufficient tears to maintain the necessary level of lubrication in the eye. Symptoms may include dry, itchy red eyes and you may find your eyes ‘water’ constantly. A Dry Eye Assessment can determine which layer is not working fully, and a management plan can be made.

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